I recently held a Chocolate Tasting evening (via Zoom) with a few carefully chosen friends of mine.  I say carefully chosen, they weren’t chosen for their knowledge of chocolate, or even for their love of chocolate.  In fact one of them cant even stand the taste or smell of dark chocolate, which I didn’t know until that evening!

These friends were chosen because I knew that they would be honest with me and would provide me with a true picture of how the evening went. Chocolate Tasting events is something that I would like to offer my customers, so I felt it was important to do a trial run and these ladies were just the ticket to practice on.

So, to begin with i needed to get the Taster Boxes delivered to everyone.  Unfortunately i left to the last minute and was too late to post through Royal Mail.  Instead i hand delivered all the Taster Boxes, luckily everyone was fairly local.  This became a bit of a santa trail as i would message the next friend on the list and everyone began to follow my route on the group chat.

The evening of the Tasting, we all managed to get on Zoom and i gave my carefully scripted presentation.  We tasted chocolate and i explained the process of what we were doing. There were lots of laughs and giggles (and wine, i think?)

But what really made it special was the feedback that i got from my honest friends which sums up the kind of evening we had.  I’d like to share just some of the comments i got and i will let you make your own mind up.

“thank you for a fun evening…………………even if i did have weird nightmares that evening!!”

overall experience (of one particular chocolate)…..Yuck

aroma (of one particular chocolate) – rabbity

aroma (of one particular chocolate) – fishy

overall experience (of one particular chocolate) – couldnt eat due to the smell

the only thing i would say is that it would be useful if you could explain to any future testers that they need to ‘suck’ the chocolate rather than chomp it

Thank you ladies (you know who you are) for a fun/honest evening!

Till next time