The Chokoleti Story

Hi, my name is Kellie & I am the founder of Chokoleti.

My real love of Chocolate didn’t begin until I was an adult, up until then I was quite happy munching on any kind of chocolate that my parents would let me have. I have tried many types of chocolate through the years, all of which, I have to say, I LOVED.

The MAGIC of Chokoleti happened about 8 years ago when my daughter met her partner. Charlie is Kenyan and along with his chilled and laid back personality he also brought his passion for food. Like a lot of boys he was extremely close to his grandma Alice, ‘Kukhu’ as Charlie called her and his memories of her and the meals she would make for him have been an influence on some of the flavours that we have created.

My inspiration also comes from my Grandchildren who have inherited our love of Chocolate and are where some of our other ideas come from. Known affectionately as J and D they pop up occasionaly on Chokoleti’s Instagram and Facebook pages with their comments and antics! Please do give the pages a follow/like!

My hope is for all my customers to experience the wonderful flavours of our chocolate including our Kenyan influence through Chokoleti’s luxury chocolate.
Happy Eating Everyone …………….. furaha kila mtu